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FIFA Women’s World Cup Card/Sticker Package

FIFA Women’s World Cup Card/Sticker Package

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⚽️FIFA Women’s World Cup Package⚽️

🔹For $260 (shipping included), you will receive the following:
- 1 x 2023 Hobby Blaster Box
- 2 x 2023 Blaster Boxes
- 1 x Team Sticker Book
- 10 x Sticker Packs

🔹The inaugural FIFA Women's World CupTM trading card release is coming!
🔸Look for a 235-card base set including 35 short-printed cards of some of the tournament's top players.
🔹Find one Hobby-exclusive Orange parallel per box.
🔸Collect autographs of some of the top stars of the tournament. Autos fall 1:2 Hobby Blaster boxes.
🔹Hunt for the ultra-rare inserts National Landmarks, Team Badges, Intergalactic, and Tazuni (mascot).
🔸Non-base cards are included approximately 2 in every pack.