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2021 Pro Set Sports
2021 Pro Set Sports

2021 Pro Set Sports

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Pro Set is excited to announce the Inaugural edition of Pro Set Sports for 2021! Look for an amazing signature roster of sports legends and icons featured on the iconic 1989 Pro Set design! Also featured will be some of The Beautiful Games greatest players on the 1990-91 Pro Set Soccer design! Also Look for the teased, but never released 1991 Pro Set Basketball design featuring some of the greatest hardcourt heroes in basketball history!!

Superstar Pro Set 1989 Base Autos: Hideki Matsuyama, Dan Marino, Mike Tyson, Stephen Curry, Peyton Manning, Albert Pujols and More!! Look for photo or nickname variations!

Action Ink! A gloriously immaculate horizontal design that features a spectrum of sports legends such as: Bryson Dechambeau, Barry Sanders, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Joe Montana, Ken Griffey Jr. and more!

Pro Set Portraits: Sports and art collide in this beautiful display of artwork featuring Artful Sports Legends such as: Drew Brees, Magic Johnson and Stephen Curry!

Pro Set Basketball! Hoop Heroes featured on the never released 1991 Pro Set Basketball design! Kevin Garnett, Jerry West, Larry Bird and Shaquille O’Neal!

Pro Set Soccer: Soccer Legends featured on the 1990-91 Pro Set Soccer Design: Pele, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney and Kevin De Bruyne!

Pro Set Champions: Dual signed card featuring Champions of Sport! Joe Montana/Ronnie Lott, Mike Ditka/Jim McMahon, Mike Tyson/Tyson Fury, Greg Maddux/Chipper Jones!

Pro Set Triple Threat: Triple Signed glory! Marcus Allen/Bo Jackson/Tim Brown and Bryson DeChambeau/Hideki Matsuyama/Abraham Ancer!

The Power of 4: Superstar Signatures times 4! Joe Montana/Dan marino/Brett Favre/Peyton Manning and Stephen Curry/Bryson DeChambeau/Fernando Tatis Jr./Kevin De Bruyne

Countersigns: Dual Signs of Destiny!: Ichiro/Hideki Matsuyama, Stephen Curry/Tim Hardaway, Joe Montana/Steve Young, Ichiro/Albert Pujols and more!


Aaron Rodgers AI-AR1
Albert Pujols AI-AP1
Bryson DeChambeau AI-BD1
Cal Ripken Jr. AI-CRJ
Cal Ripken Jr. AI-CR2
Dan Marino AI-DM1
Dennis Rodman AI-DR1
Emmitt Smith AI-ES1
Giannis Antetokounmpo AI-GA1
Joe Montana AI-JM1
Ken Griffey Jr. AI-KGJ
Kevin De Bruyne AI-KDB
Mike Tyson AI-MT1
Sergio Garcia AI-SG1
Terry Bradshaw AI-TB1
Wayne Rooney AI-WR1
Albert Pujols PSA-AP1
Artis Gilmore PSA-AG1
Barry Sanders PSA-BS1
Bernie Kosar PSA-BK1
Bo Jackson PSA-BJ1
Brett Favre PSA-BF1
Cal Ripken Jr. PSA-CRJ
Calvin Murphy PSA-CM1
Chloe Kim PSA-CK1
Cris Cyborg PSA-CC1
Curley Culp PSA-CC2
Damon Stoudamire PSA-DS1
Dan Marino PSA-DM1
Daunte Culpepper PSA-DC1
Dennis Rodman PSA-DR1
Drew Brees PSA-DB1
Drew Pearson PSA-DP1
Earnest Byner PSA-EB1
Elvin Hayes PSA-EH1
Emmitt Smith PSA-ES1
Errol Spence Jr. PSA-ESJ
Eugenie Bouchard PSA-EB2
Fernando Tatis Jr. PSA-FT1
Fred Biletnikoff PSA-FB1
George Gervin PSA-GG1
Georges St-Pierre PSA-GSP
Giannis Antetokounmpo PSA-GA1
Greg Maddux PSA-GM1
Greg Pruitt PSA-GP1
Gregg Barsby PSA-GB1
Ichiro PSA-I1
Ickey Woods PSA-IW1
Jan Stenerud PSA-JS1
Jason Williams PSA-JW1
Jerry West PSA-JW2
Jevon Kearse PSA-JK1
Jim Furyk PSA-JF1
Jimmy Johnson PSA-JJ1
Joe Montana PSA-JM1
Joe Montana PSA-JM2
Johnny Manziel PSA-JM3
Jordyn Wieber PSA-JW3
Jozy Altidore PSA-JA1
Ken Griffey Jr. PSA-KGJ
Kevin De Bruyne PSA-KDB
Kevin Garnett PSA-KG1
Lawrence Taylor PSA-LT1
Lou Holtz PSA-LH1
Magic Johnson PSA-MJ1
Marv Levy PSA-ML1
Michael Irvin PSA-MI1
Michael Vick PSA-MV1
Mike Bibby PSA-MB1
Mike Tyson PSA-MT1
Muggsy Bogues PSA-MB1
Natrone Means PSA-NM1
Nolan Ryan PSA-NR1
O.J. Simpson PSA-OJ1
Omar Vizquel PSA-OV1
Paul Krause PSA-PK1
Pedro Martinez PSA-PM1
Pernell Whitaker PSA-PW1
Pete Rose PSA-PR1
Peyton Manning PSA-PM2
Ray Lewis PSA-RL1
Ray Mercer PSA-RM1
Ronald Acuna PSA-RA1
Ronnie Lott PSA-RL2
Rudy Tomjanovich PSA-RT1
Sammy Sosa PSA-SS1
Sergio Garcia PSA-SG1
Shaquille O'Neal PSA-SO1
Shawn Kemp PSA-SK1
Stephen Curry PSA-SC1
Steve Atwater PSA-SA1
Steve Young PSA-SY1
Thurman Thomas PSA-TT1
Tim Brown PSA-TB1
Tim Hardaway PSA-TH1
Tony Dorsett PSA-TD1
Tyson Fury PSA-TF1
Vinny Castilla PSA-VC1
Walt Frazier PSA-WF1
Zab Judah PSA-ZJ1
Albert Pujols PSA-AP1
Bo Jackson PSA-BJ1
Cal Ripken Jr. PSA-CRJ
Cris Cyborg PSA-CC1
Dan Marino PSA-DM1
Dennis Rodman PSA-DR1
Fernando Tatis Jr. PSA-FT1
Georges St-Pierre PSA-GSP
Giannis Antetokounmpo PSA-GA1
Ichiro PSA-I1
Jason Williams PSA-JW1
Jerry West PSA-JW2
Joe Montana PSA-JM1
Joe Montana PSA-JM2
Johnny Manziel PSA-JM3
Ken Griffey Jr. PSA-KGJ
Magic Johnson PSA-MJ1
Mike Tyson PSA-MT1
Pete Rose PSA-PR1
Peyton Manning PSA-PM2
Ronnie Lott PSA-RL2
Shaquille O'Neal PSA-SO1
Stephen Curry PSA-SC1
Bryson DeChambeau PSA-BD1
Sofia Kenin PSA-SK2
Abraham Ancer PSA-AA1
Bryson DeChambeau PSA-BD1
Grigor Dimitrov PSA-GD1
Hideki Matsuyama PSA-HM1
Lexi Thompson PSA-LT2
Leylah Fernandez PSA-LF1
Sofia Kenin PSA-SK2
Trevor Lawrence PSA-TL1
Bernie Kosar / Earnest Byner CS-04
Bryson DeChambeau / Hideki Matsuyama CS-05
Gregg Barsby / Paul McBeth CS-10
Ichiro / Albert Pujols CS-11
Ichiro / Hideki Matsuyama CS-06
Jerry West / Magic Johnson CS-08
Joe Montana / Peyton Manning CS-09
Joe Montana / Steve Young CS-02
Ronnie Lott / Steve Atwater CS-07
Stephen Curry / Tim Hardaway CS-03
Tommy Hearns / Iran Barkley CS-01
Damon Stoudamire PSB-DS1
Dennis Rodman PSB-DR1
Elvin Hayes PSB-EH1
Giannis Antetokounmpo PSB-GA1
Isiah Thomas PSB-IT1
Jerry West PSB-JW1
Kevin Garnett PSB-KG1
Larry Bird PSB-LB1
Magic Johnson PSB-MJ1
Muggsy Bogues PSB-MB1
Rudy Tomjanovich PSB-RT1
Shaquille O'Neal PSB-SO1
Spud Webb PSB-SW1
Stephen Curry PSB-SC1
Emmitt Smith / Michael Irvin PSC-06
Greg Maddux / Chipper Jones PSC-07
Isiah Thomas / Dennis Rodman PSC-03
James "Bonecrusher" Smith / Michael Moorer PSC-09
Jimmy Johnson / Emmitt Smith PSC-10
Joe Montana / Ronnie Lott PSC-04
Mike Ditka / Jim McMahon PSC-11
Mike Tyson / Buster Douglas PSC-08
Mike Tyson / Tyson Fury PSC-05
Pete Rose / Tony Perez PSC-02
Roger Staubach / Tony Dorsett PSC-01
Bryson DeChambeau PSP-BD1
Cal Ripken Jr. PSP-CRJ
Drew Brees PSP-DB1
Joe Montana PSP-JM1
Ken Griffey Jr. PSP-KGJ
Mike Tyson PSP-MT1
Peyton Manning PSP-PM1
Stephen Curry PSP-SC1
Brandi Chastain PSS-BC1
Cristiano Ronaldo PSS-CR1
Kevin De Bruyne PSS-KDB
Lionel Messi PSS-LM1
Luis Suárez PSS-LS1
Neymar Jr. PSS-NJ1
Ousmane Dembélé PSS-OD1
Pelé PSS-P1
Sergio Ramos PSS-SR1
Wayne Rooney PSS-WR1
Allen Iverson / Tim Hardaway / Mike Bibby PS3-02
Bryson DeChambeau / Hideki Matsuyama / Abraham Ancer PS3-06
Jim Kelly / Thurman Thomas / Andre Reed PS3-03
Joe Montana / Cal Ripken Jr. / Magic Johnson PS3-05
Lexi Thompson / Leylah Fernandez / Sofia Kenin PS3-04
Marcus Allen / Bo Jackson / Tim Brown PS3-01
Mike Tyson / Hulk Hogan / Georges St-Pierre PS3-07
Joe Montana / Dan Marino / Brett Favre / Peyton Manning TP4-02
Mike Tyson / Joe Montana / Ken Griffey Jr. / Magic Johnson TP4-01
Mike Tyson / Tyson Fury / James "Bonecrusher" Smith / Michael Moorer TP4-04
Sammy Sosa / Jose Canseco / Alex Rodriguez / Vinny Castilla TP4-03
Stephen Curry / Bryson DeChambeau / Fernando Tatis Jr. / Kevin De Bruyne TP4-05
Stephen Curry / Magic Johnson / Isiah Thomas / Walt Frazier TP4-06