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2020 SuperBreak 23/24 - 3 Time Basketball Edition.
2020 SuperBreak 23/24 - 3 Time Basketball Edition.

2020 SuperBreak 23/24 - 3 Time Basketball Edition.

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1-2 BuyBack Cards Per Box
Each case (10 boxes) is guaranteed to contain 1 buyback from each of the TOP 3 players to ever wear the jersey #'s 23 and 24. 
So you have good odds at getting one in this box. 
Find BuyBack Cards of: Top Modern HOT Rookies, the GOATs, and Hall of Famers!
Silvers, Refractors, 1/1's, Legacy Inserts, Precious Metals, RPAs, Rare 90's Inserts, Low Pop Bgs/ Psa Graded Golds, Holos, Patch Autos, BGS 9.5s, True RCs,
BGS 10s, Super Foils, PSA 10s, Black Labels, And More!
This is the most well rounded product SuperBreak have ever put out! A variety of true rookies in PSA 10s and BGS 9.5s from all the top young stars in the league.
Since packout was done some cards have already 2,3, and 5X'D in value.
1-2 BuyBack Cards Per Box
What is Super Break?
Super Break are an American company that have been around for over 20 years. They specialise in collecting high end trading cards from the secondary market. Every so often they will make a new product with cards from their collection. Cards are repacked and sealed into cases. Like any trading card product some boxes are better than others with some boxes having a huge collection defining hit. Some of the cards available to be found are in the attached picture.