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2020/21 Contenders Fat Pack

2020/21 Contenders Fat Pack

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These can't be shipped outside New Zealand sorry.

Configuration: 22 cards per pack. 

• Contenders returns this year with the highly anticipated Rookie Ticket Autographs! Chase this year’s top rookies in one of the most popular rookie autograph sets!
• Look for Retail Exclusive Premium Edition Green Shimmer Autographs in Rookie Season Tickets and Veteran Season Tickets of top rookies and veterans featuring on-card autographs!
• Contenders Retail presents a variety of exclusive insert and parallel content! Blaster and Fat Packs are the only place to find Rookie Season Ticket Sticker autographs, 2020 Draft Class Contenders, International Ticket and Game Night Ticket!
• Fat Packs are the only place to find Game Ticket Green and Game Ticket Purple (#’d/25)!